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Food Not to Eat While On HCG Diet

Fruits and vegetables with high levels of carbohydrates (starches) are not allowed on the HCG Diet protocol. The main foods to avoid are: Acorn Squash, Bananas, Butternut squash, Carrots, Corn, Dried fruit, Mangos, Parsnips, Peas, Plantains Potatoes, Root Vegetables. Anything with fat and sugar is restricted, as well as foods that are fried or processed, including fast food. Avoid peanut butter, French fries, pancakes and hot dogs. Forbidden ingredients include alcohol, mayonnaise, cheese and vegetable oil.

When you begin the HCG diet, you realize there are many foods you cannot eat. Foods like starches, sugars, and fats remain out of reach. This can be difficult, but the HCG diet will not be effective unless you stick to it. Your weight loss is the first step to a healthier and more active life.*

Many fruits are also not good to eat on the HCG diet because of their high sugar content. We recommend that you stick with apples and strawberries while you are on the HCG diet Treatments. Foods such as sweet ingredients, fast food, and highly processed meals should easily be identified to avoid, but there are lots of foods from your daily meals that can also spoil your diet program and weight loss goals.  Learn more about our HCG diet food guidelines and other helpful dieting tips.

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