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Fast Weight Loss

What exactly is fast weight loss? 1 pound per week? 2 pounds per week? 3 pounds a day?

The problem with asking relative questions like this is that answers will inevitably vary. So at Diet Doc, we like to avoid asking relative questions and just ask: which diet will provide the fastest weight loss?

To us, this question is simple, our hCG diet provides the fastest weight loss available, equal to or greater than the best selling weight loss procedure, bariatric surgery, but without the harmful side effects.

At Diet Doc, we feel that fast weight loss is not enough. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, our clients must first get the support that they need to facilitate long term lifestyle changes, and then focus on losing weight.

Our physicians and nutritionists use the most accurate and up to date nutrition and weight loss science to develop healthy nutrition plans that facilitate the healthy lifestyle that must be achieved in order for weight maintenance, and for those who struggle with being overweight, the fast weight loss that Diet Doc has become known for.

At hCGTreatments / Diet Doc, we will individually tailor a doctor designed nutrition plan around your health and weight loss goals. Diet Doc will then use this nutrition plan in conjunction with prescription hCG treatments to enact fast weight loss. Clients receive free physician consultation where their individual weight loss factors like age, weight, health concerns, weight loss goals, and many others will be evaluated by a Diet Doc physician before beginning any treatment.

How fast you ask?

Our patients regularly lose 1 pound per day of stubborn body fat. It is important to remember, that contrary to what hCG diet detractors may tell you, weight lost with an hCG diet is not water weight, it is not muscle weight, it is true fat lost in the most troublesome areas like hips, thighs, upper arms, and waist.

A Prescription hCG diet works by triggering the hypothalamus, signaling fat cells to release their stores. hCG simultaneously signals the body to retain muscle mass and its needed structural fat. It uses the body's own survival mechanism against its self to trick the body into releasing its precious fatty energy stores instead of muscle. The result is fast weight loss with little or no side effects.

Diet Doc uses only pure prescription hCG, no homeopathic drops or sanctioned fakes. Our customers receive the highest quality prescription hCG, made in an American pharmaceutical laboratory.

So the question then remains: just how fast is fast weight loss?

  • At a pound per day average, the hCG diet is the fastest weight loss available.

Invgastric-bypass-surgeryasive surgeries can produce similar weight loss, but come with a seemingly endless list of caveats and side effects. Patients must be a certain amount overweight; insurance may not cover the exceedingly expensive procedure, and most importantly, the effects of invasive surgery and organ manipulation on the body.


At Diet Doc, we provide fast weight loss without altering organs, and without hospital stays.

The chart below illustrates the important differences between bariatric surgery, the hCG diet's biggest weight loss competition, and a prescription hCG diet from Diet Doc.







Diet Cost Includes Side Effects Weight Loss Produced (average)
Prescription hCG Diet from Diet Doc $399 to Start

Unlimited weight loss doctor, nurse, nutritional coach support + 30 day supply: hCG injectable or tablets (RX required) weight loss shakes, weight loss oil, physician written diet workbook, 3 diet entree start packets, food scale, measure tape, eCookbook, unlimited clinical support 6 days/week. Minus these extras, hCG is only $182/mo. Allows you to lose weight, without feeling hungry or lacking energy

 With Diet Doc's Updated hCG Diet, Allowing for up to 1250 Calories Daily, Side Effects are Little to None. 5-7 pounds per week
Bariatric / Gastric Bypass Surgery


(Insurance May Not Cover)


psychologist appointments, nutritionist consultations, the surgeon bill, anesthesia expenses, medical tests, medications

Gastro-intestinal damage/trauma, Risk of Infection. 21.9% of patients experienced complications during the initial hospital stay and a total of 40% had a risk of complications in the subsequent 180 days* Up to 50% of people will develop gallstones after gastric bypass surgery.** About 15% to 25% people require gallbladder removal after gastric bypass surgery.***

(* = Journal "Medical Care", * & ** =  WebMD)

 5-7 Pounds per Week

We do not sell prescription grade products without a valid prescription.


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