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Exercies Dos During HCG Diet

Regular exercise is great for improving your overall health. While taking Hcg diet you need to be careful about what type of exercise you take. You need to consult with our Hcg Diet Doc physicians before beginning an exercise program.  Heavy exercise is not recommended because it can stall your weight loss, but a light exercise can help you relieve stress. The best thing is to choose one of the Hcg approved exercise programs such as Callanetics, Pilates, Yoga, and T-Tapp. 

Callanetics is a deep-muscle exercise with small motions designed to tighten the hips, buttocks, and thighs.  It also helps to tone your entire body in the process. Pilates helps to improve posture, increase flexibility and improve your stamina.  The Pilates method is designed to strengthen core muscles using flowing movements.  Like Pilates, Yoga also helps to improve strength, balance and flexibility. It involves a series of gentle stretching techniques that tone the body while keeping joints flexible.

If you are looking to increase your potential of losing weight during your Diet Doc hCG program, you need to do the T-Tapp exercise. The T-Tapp program uses a series of compound muscle movements performed in a specific sequence.  These movements use aerobics, flexibility motions, and body sculpting exercises to shape up the shoulders, back, hips, and knees.*

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