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Exercise Concerns During The HCG Diet

HCG Treatments is one of the best and widely used diets. It was originally designed by DR. Simeons in the 50s. It was later made much more powerful with the help of Hcg Diet Doc researchers and doctors.The HCG diet plan advocates a calorie restrictive diet combined with Hcg prescriptions for extreme weight loss. However, the severe limitation on caloric intake of 500 calories per day, may lead to serious health complications.

With Hcg treatments there is no such thing as 500 calorie diet. We have enhanced the diet to 1000 calories per day. However, there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding hCG weight loss exercise. In an effort to clarify this growing concern, hCG Diet Doctors detailed the reasons why exercise should be avoided during phase II of the hCG protocol. You can try exercises like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing.

During the hCG weight loss diet, the body is working hard to burn off thousands of calories per day not only to promote fast weight loss, but to supply the dieter with energy and prevent hunger.  Exercising is discouraged because limited caloric intake during the Hcg protocol cannot support an intensive high calorie burning workout.*

If one elects to take strenuous exercise during this time, this often leaves the dieter feeling hungry or tired. Stretching, walking and light weightlifting is permitted, but any forms of intensive cardio are strongly discouraged.

Although the hCG diet instructions are quite simple, many people make mistakes that result in weight loss stalls, absence of energy, hunger pains and even a lack of weight loss altogether. The hCG diet can work for just about everyone, but even small mistakes can hinder results. You must first be cleared of any issues you have such as existing condition. If you have a condition that can present potential damage, any kind of exercise may cause serious harms*

HCG diet dangers can be prevented by consulting with our doctors as well as personal trainers before you do any forms of exercise.  Learn more about exercising while on the hcg diet plan or contact our Hcg doctors - 888-934-4451- Right Now for a free consultation.

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