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Best Exercise Plan During HCG Diet

Many people are confused when it comes to exercise during the HCG weight loss diet. Do you need to exercise?  If so, how much should you exercise? What kind of exercise do you need to do for the diet to work? Here is what you need to know about exercise and the HCG diet:

Exercising isn’t recommended during the protocol however there is no harm in performing light workouts such as brisk walking, meditation, yoga, dancing, etc. Walking is great exercise on the HCG diet. Taking a mile or two walk several times a week on the diet is one of the best ways to exercise safely. There are literally tons of ways to start exercising. The body WILL continue to burn calories even when exercising is stopped.

Speed walking and jogging are wonderful because they are effective and you need no equipment. You can burn calories, tone the legs, butt, and everything else with just light jogging or speed walking for half an hour every other day. However, it is very important not to engage in OVERLY strenuous exercise while on the HCG diet to avoid losing existing lean muscles. Remember to keep your exercise level from light to moderate only.

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